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IMAP Southeast Europe advises companies and their shareholders on sales and acquisitions, focusing on the markets of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With over 20 years of experience in the region and over 60 deals closed, out of which almost 70% cross-border, we are the leading regional middle-market advisor1. We provide the best of both worlds: an excellent understanding of the local market and a strong international reach. Our colleagues on five continents and a dedicated local team enable us to provide unparalleled, unbiased support to local companies and international investors who are looking for the best fit and professional advice for implementation of their M&A strategies in Southeast Europe.

1 According to Mergermarket, IMAP Southeast Europe has been ranked no.1 independent M&A advisor in the region (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, B&H) in the period 2005-2023 by the volume of closed sell-side deals with value of up to EUR 100 million.

We take pride in our ongoing success in guiding entrepreneurs through the effective implementation of their M&A strategies in Southeast Europe.


Cross-borders deals
Global ranking deals under $500M

What makes IMAP unique

Owned by its partners, IMAP is an independent organization focused purely on M&A and transaction success. With over 450 M&A professionals based in 41 countries, we work together in seamless cross-border sector teams and address each assignment with talent and dedication.

Our clients are primarily family-owned, mid-sized companies, but also include large domestic and international companies and corporations, as well as family offices and financial and institutional investors.


IMAP values

We share the same common values and principles that guide our work, with our clients and with each other.


'Strike while the iron is hot' - we design each step of the M&A process to increase the probability of successful execution.


We are entrepreneurs and invest in to each transaction what is needed to succeed and abide by and continuously improve professional advisory standards.


Mastering the psychology of negotiations requires getting to know the people involved in the transaction.


Creating value for our clients requires looking beyond the obvious and leveraging the diversity of our resources to come up with fresh ideas.


IMAP conferences

Relationships are built over time and through personal interaction, which is why IMAP professionals, for the benefit of their clients, commit so much time to understanding each other - both professionally and personally.

To continue to foster the close, collaborative spirit grounded in trust that IMAP is known for, two in-person international conferences are held every year. Regional training meetings for Analysts and Associates and global sector group virtual meetings are also held. IMAP conferences support networking and focus on regional business and cross-border deal opportunities and sharing best practices on deal execution to continually improve corporate governance across all the IMAP teams.

Our business is your business growth
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