Poliklinika Aviva / Provectus Capital Partners

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Poliklinika Aviva / Provectus Capital Partners
One of the leading polyclinics in Croatia
Acquired 100% of Business Operations
Poliklinika Urocentar
Leading private urology clinic

Advised Poliklinika Urocentar on sale to Poliklinika Aviva


Aviva Polyclinic, one of the leading polyclinics in Croatia, acquired Urocentar, the largest private urology clinic in Croatia. Urocentar is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnostics and treatment of urological patients and is connected with top healthcare institutions in the country and abroad specializing in the field of urology.

Urocentar offers specialist services in the field of urology, gynecology and nephrology and owns cutting-edge diagnostics technology.

Unique Selling Points 

-       Strong brand in the field of private urology.

-       Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

-       Highly experienced staff.

-       Large and steady base of patients.

-       Lack of specialized competition on the market.

The Investor 

Aviva Polyclinic is a renowned Zagreb private polyclinic with a tradition spanning more than 40 years. It is also one of the largest private polyclinics in the country. As the chosen provider of healthcare services for patients, companies and insurance providers, the clinic offers a wide range of services for more than 40,000 clients annually in the areas of prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Provectus Capital Partners is an investment company focused on the markets of southeast Europe, which invested in the Aviva Polyclinic through the ASEF expansion capital fund (Adriatic Structured Equity Fund). The investment by the Aviva Polyclinic in the Dijagnostika 2000 Polyclinic and the Urocentar Polyclinic was also supported through the ASEF Fund. 

The Deal

IMAP SEE was the exclusive transaction advisor to the owners of Poliklinika Urocentar in the 100% sale of the company.  


Client testimonial

Dalibor Čičin-Šain

I would like to thank and congratulate the IMAP team for doing an excellent job. They were an ideal partner in a very important period in our professional and personal life – the sale of our polyclinic which we have been creating for over 20 years. The team managed the process professionally, but they were agreeable and friendly at the same time. I would recommend IMAP to anyone who decides to start a process of selling their company.

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