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In today’s rapidly changing market, the range of options for raising capital and equity is immense and complex. Whether you need to release liquidity, increase operational flexibility or take advantage of a shift in the market to change capital structure, choosing the right advisor is the difference between surviving or thriving.

With IMAP, you access experts with the global reach and carefully nurtured relationships to know where funding exists, and the know-how to tailor the perfect structure for your unique situation. We’re proud to be independent middle-market specialists, uninfluenced by any alliances with specific banks.

So you can make a clear-headed, data-informed decision on the most fruitful action plan, and see it executed with smooth precision.


capital advisory SERVICES

With 450+ specialists across all major industries in 60+ offices around the world, IMAP can turn a complex refinancing challenge into a resounding success story. Diligence and executional excellence are our core values, and we partner with our clients every step of the way, for every type of transaction.

Debt advisory & financing services we provide:

  • Development of the ideal financing strategy

  • Raising of adequate debt capital, buyout or cash-out financing, refinancing of existing facilities, or access to sophisticated and specialized debt packages

  • Selection of potential financing partners

  • Negotiation with the investor throughout the process and to completion

  • Infrastructure finance



With a choice of 450+ specialists worldwide, as an IMAP client, you’ll always be in touch with a senior expert for your specific industry, market, and transaction type.

But IMAP is more than just matching clients with advisors. We pool our knowledge, information, and contacts, and meet regularly to discuss up-to-the-minute developments, share industry-specific insights, and find mutually beneficial synergy points between the multiple projects we’re working on in our 60+ international offices.


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Refinancing is a critical moment for any business and brings up multi-faceted questions that only an expert with deep market knowledge can answer.

When you contact IMAP, you don’t get a sales call. You get a no-commitment consultation with an M&A specialist who’ll listen to your concerns, and honestly analyze your unique situation. We’ll always give you an unbiased, honest assessment of the best course of action, with full transparent information on our working methods and fee structures.

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