IMAP Sweden advised Wexman, a producer of professional workwear, on sale to Lifco

Wexman produces and sells high visibility clothing, workwear and protective clothing of the highest quality for professional use. Everything from product development, design, manufacturing to warehousing and marketing are done in-house and Wexman has the highest demands on materials, sewing and functions. Sales are conducted directly to end customers without any costly intermediaries. The goal is to offer the customers best value for money, in all aspects. The company’s comprehensive range of products and collections are designed and developed for industries such as construction, forestry, transportation and excavation.


The company’s predominant customer group is privately owned companies with 5-30 employees. Today, customers are primarily located in Sweden but demand and the export share is constantly increasing from countries such as Finland, Norway, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.


Lifco is a business group witha total turnover of SEK 10.0 billion and employs about 4,800 people. Lifco offers a safe haven for small and medium-sized businesses. Their business concept is to acquire and develop market-leading niche businesses with the potential to deliver sustainable earnings growth and robust cash flows. They are guided by a clear philosophy of having a long-term view on their holdings, a focus on profitability and a strongly decentralised organisation.


IMAP advised the sellers throughout the process.


Olle Pagnert, Co-Owner and Sales Manager Wexman commented

“During the last couple of years, we have challenged our industry by working directly towards the end customers and offer them the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. Now when we get Lifco as a new owner, we will be able to penetrate the market even more that will help us to grow the company even faster.”


Peter Ström, CEO and Co-Owner Wexman, added

“IMAP really made us feel safe throughout what was at some moments quite a time-consuming process. They guided us through all the steps in a very professional way.”

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