IMAP Netherlands advises Amphitec on the sale to Active Capital

Machine producer Amphitec has recently attracted growth capital from Active Capital Company. The investor receives a majority stake in Amphitec through the transaction. According to Jan Middelburg of Active Capital, Amphitec is a financially sound company that is given the necessary space to expand through the capital injection. Amphitec was assisted in the transaction by, among others, the corporate finance experts of IMAP Netherlands.

Amphitec is a machine producer from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. The company designs and manufactures vacuum installations that are used for soil extraction. With the help of their innovative machine techniques, the chance of damage to pipes is minimized, which is especially essential for urban projects and petrochemical complexes. The installations are also used to remove contaminated soil. Amphitec employs 45 people and has an annual turnover of around €20 million.

Recently, Amphitec has designed a new machine for which, in addition to Dutch, foreign applications (Turkey, Germany) are also coming. In line with these developments and to acquire sufficient growth capital for the construction of machines, Amphitec recently decided to enter into a deal with investor Active Capital Company. The venture capital firm wants to support Amphitec in their further expansion and invests several millions in the machine manufacturer. With the growth capital Active Capital acquires a majority stake in Amphitec. According to Jan Middelburg of Active Capital, Amphitec is a financially sound company that is given more room to expand with the help of the capital injection. He further states that the value of the transaction is between € 1 and € 4 million, a common spectrum for the private equity firm.

Seller Amphitec was assisted in sales by IMAP Netherlands, a corporate finance specialist with offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The M&A consultants of the firm offer clients financial and strategic corporate finance advice, and focus mainly on medium-sized companies. Amphitec was assisted by a deal team from IMAP Netherlands (consisting of Jan-Pieter Borst, Frank Ruijgrok and May Wu) and law firm Holland van Gijzen (Tamara van Strijp and Antoinette van Beest). Houthoff Buruma (Maarten Blom and Richard Witvliet) advised investor Active Capital.

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