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VINCI Energies
Global leader in concessions, construction and energy
Acquired 100% of Business Operations
InfoTel, spol. s r.o.
Construction and maintenance of telecom infrastructure
Advised on Sale of Company

IMAP advises Czech telecom infrastructure firm on sale to Vinci Energies

IMAP Redbaenk is delighted to announce the acquisition agreement, wherein VINCI Energies acquires 100% ownership of InfoTel, the foremost Czech entity specializing in the construction and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure.

Established in 1992 and headquartered in Brno, InfoTel has emerged as a domestic leader, offering comprehensive services across the telecommunication industry, encompassing design, premises acquisition, engineering, construction, customer installation, upgrades, and maintenance of both linear and wireless telecommunication networks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany. Notably, InfoTel serves major clients such as Vodafone and T-Mobile. For 2023, Infotel is projected to reach revenues approaching EUR 45 million.

VINCI Energies, a division of the globally renowned VINCI Group—listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and operating across 120 countries—stands as a distinguished entity specializing in tailored multi-technical solutions and services. With a robust focus on energy, transport, communication infrastructure, buildings, factories, and IT systems, VINCI Energies boasts a decentralized organizational structure comprising units specializing in distinct business segments. This collaborative network allows VINCI Energies to address specific project demands with bespoke services aligned to unique requirements. In 2022, VINCI Energies significantly contributed, accounting for 27% of the Vinci Group's total revenue.

The acquisition of InfoTel by VINCI Energies marks a strategic integration promising innovative advancements in the telecommunication infrastructure landscape. InfoTel, spol. s r.o., known for its three-decade commitment to excellence in telecommunication network services, perfectly complements VINCI Energies' ambition to continuously innovate and transform the industry while expanding the group’s presence in the Czech Republic.

The IMAP Czech Republic team, led by RadekSchmied, Petr Sedlar, and ZdenekZavadil, assisted by IMAP colleagues from France, provided comprehensive advisory services throughout the sale process. Their expertise enabled the identification of the best possible partner and facilitated seamless communication and negotiations among all stakeholders, ensuring the successful completion of this transaction.

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