Shinagawa Refractories

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Materials, chemicals & mining
Shinagawa Refractories
Japanese manufacturer of refractories and ceramics
Acquired Selected Assets
Saint-Gobain S.A.
Brazilian and US Refractories Business Units of Saint-Gobain
Joint Financial Advisor to Buyer

Shinagawa Refractories acquired Saint-Gobain’s Refractories business in Brazil and Alumina based Wear Resistant Ceramics business in the United States

Shinagawa Refractories agreed to acquire Brazilian Refractories business and the Aluminabased Wear-Resistant Ceramics business in the United States from Saint-Gobain S.A. The acquisition of the Brazilian Refractories Business represents a natural extension of Shinagawa's longstanding collaboration with Saint-Gobain in Brazil.


The team from IMAP Brazil acted as joint financial advisor to Shinagawa.

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