recucare GmbH

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recucare GmbH
Medical care provider for chronic wound care patients with separate online retailer for wound care
has been acquired by
metacare gmbH
Company specialising in wound care
Advised on Sale of Company


IMAP advised the healthcare provider PHOENIX group on the sale of its subsidiary recucare group to Metacare Holding GmbH. In the course of the sale process a management buy-out emerged as the best solution, allowing André Lantin, the founder and managing director of recucare GmbH, recusana GmbH, and WZ-WundZentren GmbH, to continue the business operations in the future.

With its 24 WZ-WundZentren, the group provided treatment to over 10,000 patients in Germany last year, establishing a comprehensive range of wound treatment services for patients with both statutory and private insurance. With nearly 250 employees and approximately 200 specialist nurses, the group provides specialized outpatient care across seven federal states.

As part of the group, recusana GmbH focuses on retailing specialist wound care products, offering a wide range of products via its e-commerce platform. In turn, recucare GmbH provides various healthcare services and maintains one of the largest European databases for healthcare research in the field of wound treatment.

The PHOENIX Group, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, is a European leader in pharmaceutical wholesale, pharmacy retail and services for the pharmaceutical industry Operating in 224 locations across 29 healthcare markets. The company provides unparalleled geographical coverage throughout Europe and, with a workforce exceeding 48,000 employees, plays a vital role in comprehensive healthcare.

The IMAP team exclusively advised the PHOENIX Group in a structured M&A process.


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