Management of Jaystack Services Zrt.

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Management of Jaystack Services Zrt.
Management team
Acquired Majority Control
Jaystack Services Ltd.
Cloud service application integration and migration services
Advised on Purchase

Advised Management on Acquisition of Stake in Jaystack

The acquisition of the minority interest in Jaystack Services was successfully completed, during which the management acquired the minority interest in two institutional investors and two individuals.


Jaystack has been delivering customized, complex enterprise software systems since 2011 using an agile software development methodology. With virtual agile teams, it supports its customers in their digital transformation, integration and migration projects with server-free, cloud-based and platform-independent development solutions.


Jaystack was created by five IT professionals whose contributions were key to the company’s success and growth during the initial period. The company raised £500,000 in capital investment from financial investors in its first year of operation.


They currently serve more than 50 people and 15 other subcontractors from headquarters in London and Hungary, working closely with DCSL GuideSmiths in sales and implementation.


In the process, management bought out two financial investors and bought a minority stake from two individuals, giving it a majority stake in the company.


IMAP Hungary was the sole transaction advisor.

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