Fore Freedom Holdings B.V.

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Fore Freedom Holdings B.V.
Owner and operator of broadband infrastructures located in business parks
Acquired 100% of Business Operations
Regio Glasvezel B.V.
Owner and operator of broadband infrastructures located in business parks
Advised on Sale of Company

Regio-Glasvezel, a network operator and provider of optic fiber connections to business parks, is acquired by Fore Freedom

Regio-Glasvezel, founded in 2011, is engaged in the design, construction, management, and operation of open access optic fiber networks for business parks and collective buildings (FttX). The approximately 20 networks - consisting of nearly 200,000 meters of underground fiber- are situated mostly in rural locations primarily in the southwestern region of the Netherlands with a strong local presence with limited to no competition. These passive infrastructures generate income through a combination of (one-off) connection fees and monthly subscription fees for network usage. 

Fore Freedom - owned by alternative asset manager Morrison & Co - is the Netherland’s largest provider of open access collective optic fiber networks for business parks which originated from a collaboration between a contractor specialized in (underground) infrastructures and an engineering firm in 2010. In addition to providing connections to optic fiber networks, services include internet access packages and the operation of a Network Operation Center.

IMAP Netherlands acted as exclusive financial advisor to the Sellers, running a competitive process and reaching out to an array of strategic players and (international) infrastructure investors. Due to the complex corporate structure of the Seller’s group, IMAP Netherlands, in close cooperation with a specialized legal team, carried out a corporate restructuring prior to closing to mitigate (fiscal) risks and streamline the interests of the various shareholders involved.

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