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Leading investigative ESG case management software; backed by Resurgens Technology Partners
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Whistleblower Security
Leading case management software for ethics & compliance reporting
Advised on Sale of Company

Advised WhistleBlower Security on Sale to Case IQ

WhistleBlower Security is a trusted provider of industry-leading solutions for ethics and compliance reporting solutions, with a comprehensive software platform, IntegrityCounts, complemented by a robust telephone hotline system. WhistleBlower Security’s extensive offering enables the confidential reporting of potential ethics breaches, fraud, misconduct, and other violations.

Case IQ is an Ottawa-based global provider of investigative case management software for ethics and compliance. Case IQ is owned by US-based tech-focused private equity firm Resurgens Technology Partners. 

David McNeill, CEO of Case IQ, commented, “We believe that hotline intake is crucial and WhistleBlower Security clearly surpasses competitors. Their exceptional expertise and service are unparalleled, ensuring unmatched reliability and ease for all stakeholders. From their streamlined one-step dialing process, industry-leading response times, and phone line reliability, to their unwavering focus on caller experience, WhistleBlower distinguishes itself as the superior choice.”

Shannon Walker, now EVP of Thought Leadership & Strategy at Case IQ, added, “We’ve partnered with Case IQ as a hotline provider for years and look forward to now being formal teammates. Between our two products, we can cater to the unique needs of enterprises and SMBs, with tremendous value at different price points. Our leadership team is excited to join a company that values our expertise and enthusiasm for helping customers manage their risks and create workplaces with strong speak-up cultures.”

 The IMAP team based in Vancouver (Capital West) acted as financial advisor to WhistleBlower Security on the transaction.

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