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IMAP advises healthcare company Bonusan on strategic partnership with bd-capital

IMAP is pleased to announce that Bonusan, a healthcare company with over 120 years of experience in food supplements, has entered a strategic partnership with bd-capital to accelerate their growth ambitions; improving the health and wellbeing of an everincreasing number of people across Europe.

The shareholders of Bonusan initiated the search for a partner who would support the growth of the business while sharing their vision of maintaining the high-quality standards of Bonusan’s products. The partnership with bd-capital will allow Bonusan and the Natura Foundation to increase their reach and make more of a positive impact on health and wellbeing for consumers across Europe. bd-capital attributes great significance to the Bonusan history, its value-add to healthcare professionals and their
clients, and the important role of the Natura Foundation as a leading training institute and knowledge centre in its field.

The Vitamins & Minerals market is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. Demand for personalised healthcare solutions continues to grow rapidly on the back of various trends such as an ageing population and the overall increasing focus by consumers on health and prevention. As well as these trends, which contribute to the rising demand for products that delay the effects of ageing and illness in general, other consumers, such as vegetarians, are looking for products to supplement their diets, or in the case of athletes or regular gym members, boost performance and endurance. This growth in the Vitamins & Minerals market has resulted in a large number of recent acquisitions by both strategic and financial parties, resulting in a more consolidated market.



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Rik Bogaerds
The advisors from IMAP Netherlands proved to be highly skilful and showcased thorough understanding of the Vitamins & Minerals market. They carefully guided us through the various steps of the process and emphasized on unburdening us throughout the full transaction process.
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