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Goldkeys International
Food product importer
Acquired 100% of Business Operations
Nedan Oil
Producer of soya oil and packaged food oil products
Advised on Sale of Company

Advised AFGRI on sale of Nedan, a producer of soya oil and packaged food oil products

Philafrica Foods (“Philafrica”), a subsidiary of AFGRI Group Holdings (“AFGRI”), sold its Soya Oil Crushing Plant, which trades in the market under the name Nedan. 


The business will be owned by a newly registered company called Nedan Oils & Proteins (“Nedan”), which is majority owned and controlled by Gold Keys International. For over 25 years, Goldkeys International has imported, prepacked, distributed, and marketed grain and pulse products throughout South Africa. Currently operating in Rice, Sugar, and Sugar Beans, Goldkeys is pleased to expand its presence into the soya bean value chain.

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