Advised on Sale of Company


Municipal Sewage Company

Sewage operator of Budapest city Hungary

Acquired Majority Control of Business Operations


Fiber to sewage operator Hungary

Advised on sale of CanalCom to municipal waste company

A majority share of CanalCom was sold to municipal waste company Fovárosi Csatornázási Muvek Mélyépító és Karbantártó.


As a pioneer in the construction of optical networks in the domestic telecommunications industry, CanalCom, together with its partners, has been dealing with the design, construction, sale, rental, operation and maintenance of optical networks installed in sewage networks in Hungary for more than 20 years. The CanalCom team is the only one in Hungary that uses international level technology and knowledge in this niche market.


Prior to the transaction, the company was owned by the founding Hungarian individuals. A majority share was sold to the Company's strategic partner, Fovárosi Csatornázási Muvek Mélyépító és Karbantártó.


IMAP Hungary acted as exclusive transaction advisor to CanalCom.