Advised on Sale of Company

Transport & Logistics

Rhenus Beteiligungen International GmbH

Leading logistics service provider Germany

Acquired 100% of Business Operations

Operadores de Logística Integral LTK, S.L.

LTK offers logistics and industrial solutions mainly to the aerospace industry Spain

Rhenus Beteiligungen International GmbH Operadores de Logística Integral LTK, S.L.

IMAP Spain has advised the shareholders of OPERADORES DE LOGÍSTICA INTEGRAL LTK on the acquisition of RHENUS LOGISTICS as a strategic partner for the company.


With the acquisition of 100% of the corporate capital, RHENUS LOGISTICS has gained entry to the Spanish contract-logistics market through a company with a leading position in sectors with very high quality and efficiency standards. Specifically, OPERADORES DE LOGISTICA INTEGRAL LTK is a supplier of key logistical services for some of the main companies within the aeronautical sector in Spain. Thanks to the know-how developed at the company, RHENUS LOGISTICS will also seek to consolidate its presence in the aeronautical sector at a European level.


Founded in 2002, OPERADORES DE LOGÍSTICA INTEGRAL LTK  with its headquarters in Madrid and over 26,000 sq. m. of storage space spread across a variety of autonomous regions such as Andalusia, the Basque Country, and Madrid, is a company specializing in logistical services for the aerospace industry and the automotive sector.


Its main activities include the management of the chain of supply, procurement, inverse logistics, and spare-parts logistics. Likewise, it carries out quality controls, as well as ground support for aircraft.

RHENUS LOGISTICS is the benchmark company in logistics and transport in Europe. With turnover in excess of 5,100 million euros and 660 sites around the world, the company can ensure maximum reliability and results in all of its areas of activity.


With this transaction, RHENUS LOGISTICS enters the Spanish ‘contract-logistics’ market and acquires know-how, manpower, and information systems that are essential for performing this activity within the European aeronautical sector.

Experts who worked on the transaction