Advised on Sale of Company

Transport & Logistics

ECS European Containers

Intermodal logistics operator specialised in transport between UK, Ireland and mainland EUROPE Belgium

Acquired Selected Assets of the Seller's Business Operations

Farm Trans Shipping - Short Sea Activities

Short sea transport and logistics activities between Western Europe and the United Kingdom. Netherlands

IMAP Netherlands advised Farm Trans in joining forces with ECS

Container transport specialist ECS is entering into a partnership with Farm Trans. By joining forces, Farm Trans focuses on its Control Tower and road transport. This collaboration provides a total package and offers possibilities for further expansion of the service package.

Market Outlook

- A consolidation battle is taking place, driven by cost increases, among other things due to staff shortages
- Efficient planning and full load utilization are of great importance
- Cost savings are necessary to continue to pursue profitability
- Digitization is more important than ever


IMAP Approach

IMAP Netherlands conducted extensive market research into the refrigerated transport sector.