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France-based network of medical and biology laboratorie France

Acquired 100% of Business Operations


Network of medical and biology laboratories in Paris France

Biogroup-LCD Acquired 100% of Business Operations BioArcades

BIOGROUP started out as a biological lab founded by Biologist, Dr. Stéphane Eimer and is unique in that it is the only biologic company in France with an individual controlling shareholder. The brand is also associated with quality, high standards and an entrepreneurial culture.


BIOGROUP was a regional leader in the sector in the east of France and looking to play a larger role across the country and ultimately, become the market leader. BIOGROUP has spent the last 6 years growing and structuring the company to be a leader in nationwide laboratory testing. Employing over 7,000 employees across its 720 bio lab centers, it now has the necessary infrastructure and capacity to undertake 200,000 tests daily. The company grew from a €50 million turnover and €15 million in EBITDA, and now has about €1 billion in turnover and around €300 million in EBIDTA.


The biologic market was fragmented and consolidating quickly. Fast forward to now, and 39 transactions later, 11 of which in 2019 alone, and BIOGROUP is now the leading biologic group in France.


BIOGROUP is a long-term entrepreneur that the team at Degroof Petercam (IMAP France) helped to grow through the cycles to ensure they were in the best position to accelerate growth and capability to support the desired acquisitions. Every deal closed requires the involvement of many different practices across Degroof Petercam, including: M&A, Healthcare and Equity & Debt Capital Markets, who all work together in order to ensure successful completion.


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