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Bidcorp Spain - Guzman Gastronomia

Subsidiary of Bidfood - worldwide foodservice company Spain

Acquired 100% of Business Operations

Igartza Food Service

Distribution of fresh and frozen productos to HoReCa Spain

Bidcorp Spain - Guzman Gastronomia SL acquires Igartza Food Service

Bidcorp Spain - Guzman Gastronomia SL has acquired Igartza Food Service, a fish and seafood wholesaler, located in Oiartzun, Spain. Guzman Gastronomia SL, located in Barcelona, Spain, produces and wholesales fresh fruit and vegetables, gourmet products and frozen food. It offers fresh produce, peeled, sliced and curved fruit and vegetables for salads, rice, pasta, oil, vinegar and frozen fruit and vegetables. It was founded in 2005.  


Bid Corp Ltd, the ultimate parent company, is a fish and seafood retailer located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The group operates globally in food services which comprises wholesale distribution of frozen, chilled, fresh, and dry foodstuffs, as well as ancillary products, mostly to B2B clients in the HoReCa market (hotels, restaurants, and catering-businesses). Its products are imported, warehoused, and directly delivered to B2B customers. Bid Corp (Bid Corporation Limited) is quoted on the Johannesburg stock exchange and generates close to EUR 10 billion in revenues. The group has significant investments in over 50 businesses and currently has approximately 25,000 employees.

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