Advised on Sale of Company


Smart Applications International

ICT solutions provider Kenya

Acquired 100% of Business Operations


Information management and claims submission system South Africa

Advised MediSmart on its sale to Smart Applications International

Smart Applications International Ltd. (SMART), a Kenyan company committed to delivering technology-driven secure healthcare solutions, has acquired MediSmart.


Up to 75% of patients in Kenya receive their primary healthcare services at public hospitals. With OTI’s MediSmart, SMART is able to provide a complete healthcare informatics solution including cards, readers and related software that are seamlessly integrated with hospital management systems.


The OTI MediSmart solution offers secure and fast front-end patient authentication and benefit verification at the service provider level. It securely stores emergency medical information allows for electronic clinical data capture and retrieval of medical records and electronic claim and/or report generation, taking into consideration benefit rules in respect to services provided and benefit utilisation.


At the same time the information is recorded on each patient’s personal MediSmart card (or mobile data repository), relevant data is transferred to the corporate and insurer levels. With MediSmart, statements and invoices are generated faster, administration time and cost are reduced and, since claims are authenticated electronically, it further guarantees payment and reduces payment cycles at the provider levels.