Advised on Sale of Company

Consumer & Retail

Acritus, SAPI de CV

Retail company backed by Private Equity Fund Mexico

Acquired 100% of Business Operations

Moda Holding SAPI de CV (Minority Shareholder)

Retailer of shoes and beachware products Mexico

Advised Moda Holding SAPI de CV (Minority Shareholder) on sale of company to Acritus SAPI de CV

Acritus SA de CV acquired Moda Holding SAPI de CV. Moda Holding SAPI de CV, located in Mexico City, Mexico, is a shoes and clothing retailer; its brands include Zingara and Dorothy Gaynor - it is also a holding company. Acritus is a wholesaler and retailer of footwear and is located in Leon, Mexico.













Experts who worked on the transaction