Ruben Puentedura

Ruben Puentedura, Consulting Associate at Mario Hugo Azulay & Associates S.A. (IMAP Argentina) is an expert in energy, chemicals, and industrial value chains.

In 1960 he joined Standard Oil Company, NJ (nowadays ExxonMobil) as a Process Engineer. Throughout his career he has assumed positions of growing responsibility, in Latin America and in the US. In 1976 he was elected a Board Member at ESSO Argentina, later becoming Corporate VP and Regional COO. In 1982 he left EXXON to become CEO and Chairman of PASA Petrochemicals. In paralel, he was elected Director of Irving Bank Argentina (later a branch of Bank of New York) and participated in a regional industrial B2B. Following this, he became CEO of the Argentine Institute for Management Development, as well as a Board Member of Air Liquide Argentina, in 2007 he heading an Oil&Gas team in the successful launching of Argentina's National Depository of Hydrocarbons Information.

Ruben is a Chemical Engineer and graduated from the Tucuman National University. He has headed several national and international Chemical and O&G organizations and is an active Member of the Argentine Petrochemical Institute, O&G Argentine Institute,and the local Association of Chemical Engineers. He has also completed graduate studies at Harvard University, MIT and IMD (Switzerland).