Mario Zaffarana

Mario Zaffarana has a long career, developed in important national and international entities. He began working at the Banks Supervisory Board of Banco Central de la República Argentina in 1972. He later worked at the risk analysis and economic research departments of Citicorp Int. and Republic National Bank of New York, in Buenos Aires. In 1984 he was Manager in charge of the Economic Analysis Department of Banco Francés del Río de la Plata. He later joined Buxton S.A., a leading Argentinian piston manufacturer, in charge of the O.E.M. sales division.

In 1989 he joined Mario Hugo Azulay & Asociados (IMAP Argentina) as an Associate. In charge of the Technical Analysis Sector, he has participated in the privatization assignments that the firm was engaged in during the 1990's in Argentina and Uruguay, as well as in the most relevant debt restructuring assignments and mergers and acquisition deals the firm has closed. He has a strong technical background and significant experience developed through his assignments with industrial, commercial and financial firms.

Mr. Zaffarana holds a Degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires. From 1995-2009 he was Assistant Professor of a Post-Graduate Financial Course at the University of Buenos Aires.