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Partnership BB Capital and IMAP Netherlands

Press Release, June 20, 2024

THE HAGUE – BB Capital Investments has entered into a partnership with IMAP Netherlands to unlock private equity investments for the Dutch clients and associates of the leading international M&A advisory firm. Both parties announced this today.

In a competitive market, M&A firms are seeking to innovate and expand their advisory services. IMAP Netherlands has chosen to partner with BB Capital, which will provide the advisory firm's clients access to their proven 'evergreen' fund-of-funds for private equity investments through a customized investor portal.

Susan van Koeveringe, Managing Partner and Founder of BB Capital: "IMAP Netherlands is one of the leading firms for mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands. We are increasingly seeing entrepreneurs who, after transferring their business, are looking for investment opportunities. The collaboration between BB Capital and IMAP Netherlands can perfectly meet that demand."


Casper Sikkema, Partner at IMAP Netherlands: "We are seeing that our clients are interested in private equity funds that are not normally accessible or easy to understand. Through the partnership with BB Capital, we offer the IMAP client and investor network access to high-quality private equity funds in a proven fund-of-funds. This aligns well with clients who have recently sold their business and are seeking suitable investment opportunities. We are convinced that our IMAP client and investor network can create valuable and pleasant relationships for our clients and associates.”

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About IMAP Netherlands
IMAP is among the top M&A firms worldwide, with a focus on the mid-market. In this segment, IMAP assists mid-sized companies, family businesses, and large internationally operating enterprises with the sale of their business, buy & build strategy, or raising growth capital.

About BB Capital Investments
BB Capital Investments is a The Hague-based investment company and an AFM-registered fund manager. As a private market investment manager with a combination of direct investments and fund-of-funds investments, BB Capital manages a portfolio of more than 180 investors with assets exceeding EUR 200 million.

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For further information or an interview, please contact:

Susan van Koeveringe, Managing Partner, BB Capital Investments
Casper Sikkema, Partner, IMAP Netherlands

Bob Hardus, Communications Officer, BB Capital Investments
Phone: +31 (0) 70 360 3066

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