Deal Announcement - Technology - Cubescom

Virnex Group has acquired the entire share capital of Cubescom from investment firm Leftinger & Johansson AB and the company’s CEO, Tero Suominen.

Cubescom specializes in business-critical ERP and digitization solutions. It also sells and maintains multiple products including Clearpulse IT asset management software.

Virnex provides expert professionals for managing and planning digitization projects at large companies. Following its acquisition of Cubescom, Virnex will now be able to offer its customers an even more comprehensive digitization partnership service, including design, implementation, management, and maintenance. 

The IMAP Finland (Carner Corporate Finance) team, led by Mikko Sistonen and Timo Nuorla, advised the sellers throughout the process. Per Leftinger, Partner at Leftinger & Johansson AB, said: “Carner provided us with hands-on professional sale advisory during every
step of the process and played a vital role in final negotiations. Using their ICT knowledge, Carner ensured that Cubescom Group achieved optimal positioning in the software product and development landscape.”

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