Deal Announcement - Industrials - Lasertech

IMAP is pleased to announce that XANO has acquired Lasertech. Lasertech is a leading company in industrial 3D printing and laser welding in metal. The company’s range of services also includes non-destructive testing, laser marking and laser curing. Its customers are active in a range of industries, including Automotive, Defense and Medical Technology.

XANO is a group of niche engineering companies with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, China and the USA. These companies provide manufacturing and development services for industrial products and automation equipment. The Group’s operation is divided into 3 business units: Industrial Products, Industrial Solutions and Precision Technology.

Lasertech will become part of XANO's Precision Technology unit. Through this acquisition, XANO gains technical expertise and at the same time, increased growth opportunities are created for both Lasertech and other XANO Group companies. Whilst Lasertech was already collaborating with several established XANO customers, the acquisition now provides access to new market segments.

The IMAP Sweden team, led by Bengt Jönsson, Marcus Rex and Erik Fridman, advised Lasertech on the transaction.

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