IMAP Hungary advised Bellis Egészségtár on the acquisition of medical device wholesaler Patella Medical

IMAP is pleased to announce that Bellis Egészsétár (“Bellis”) has purchased 100% of the ownership of Patella Gyógyászati Segédeszköz.

Patella Gyógyászati Segédeszköz is considered a market leader among wholesalers of medical aids and medical devices and offers a full range of products. It distributes nearly 9,000 aids, delivering to more than 400 specialty stores, nearly 800 pharmacies, and 200 other stores. The company was established in 2022 from the spin-off of Patella-96 Kft’s wholesale business. The remaining production and import activities in Patella-96 will be continued by the selling owners, along with maintaining the commercial relationship with the company.

A subsidiary of Hungaropharma, Bellis’s goal is to sell high-volume pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and vitamins and through a cost-effective pharmacy service of herbal medicinal products, offer a service portfolio that fills a gap in the Hungarian pharmacy market. Bellis primarily focuses on the sale of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, preparations used for prevention and health maintenance at competitive prices, based on stable and efficient distribution logistics. Forming the backbone of its product portfolio are the approximately 7,500 dietary supplements, vitamins, and other health products, as well as a range of nearly 2,000 popular medicines.

With this transaction, Bellis compounds its strategy to expand its portfolio of non-pharmaceutical products on two fronts, primarily in the field of medical devices, medical aids, orthopaedic devices, and home care products. It also becomes a dominant player in a new market segment and further increases its competence in providing the widest possible range of patient services.

IMAP Hungary was the exclusive transaction consultant for Bellis during the acquisition process.

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