IMAP’s Spring Virtual Conference Unites M&A Dealmakers Across the Globe

IMAP Spring Virtual Conference April 2021

Last week IMAP colleagues from around the world once again joined forces, albeit virtually, to attend IMAP’s Spring 2021 Conference. Spread over 4 days and originally due to take place in Paris, the virtual conference’s focus was the very timely and relevant question of “how to adapt and grow your business in times of COVID”.

Degroof Petercam

To kick off, Degroof Petercam (IMAP France & Belgium), celebrating its 150th anniversary - and the original host for the IMAP Spring Conference now scheduled for 2022 in Paris - took a deep dive into the organization and its experience in non-traditional M&A offerings, key to IMAP’s future development strategy.

IMAP Awards 2020

This was followed by the announcement of IMAP’s 2020 Award winners, recognizing its top dealmakers, and celebrating their achievements, dedication and contribution to IMAP last year successfully closing 218 M&A deals.

Growing Your Business - Experiences from Around the World

In fact, despite the difficult market conditions in 2020 following the outbreak of COVID-19, many IMAP firms recorded a record year. Wednesday’s fireside sessions delved into how IMAP members from around the world had approached the crisis, sharing experiences, best practices, and winning strategies on how to successfully adapt, align, and grow the business even in the face of a pandemic.

Maximising Deal Flow and Keeping Bankers Banking

Thursday’s session “How to build and grow scalable organizations, maximize deal flow and keep bankers banking” was hosted by Capstone Partners (IMAP USA), with the participation of IMAP members from Europe. The various panel discussions explored opportunities for IMAP to maximize the international experience, expertise and reach of its teams and further strengthen the partnership and its global foothold.

Keynote Speaker - Eric Kish

Closing the conference on Friday, was guest speaker, Eric Kish, a successful turnaround CEO, author of “5 to 50 to 500: How to Build and Run Scalable Organizations”, speaker, and founder and managing partner of a consulting firm. With adaptability and growth very much at the forefront of the conference agenda, he discussed organizational scalability and sharing practical tools, explained how to create the necessary conditions within your business to effectively execute growth.

IMAP Chairman, Jurgis V Oniunas

IMAP Chairman, Jurgis Oniunas, said: “Though virtual conferences will never replace physical ones, they do allow us to bring together hundreds of our members and I foresee them continuing to form an important part of our annual program moving forward.  It’s important for us to recognize the talent and expertise we have within the IMAP organization to learn from each other, inspire each other, and look at ways to create more innovative deal making opportunities.”

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