IMAP Norway (Stratema) advised Din Utvikling on sale to Credo Partners

Stratema has successfully facilitated the sale of Din Utvikling and Din Utvikling Consulting to Credo Partners.


Din Utvikling works with people, organizations and process changes and consists of two entities; Din Utvikling AS and Din Utvikling Consulting AS. Din Utvikling Consulting AS delivers consulting services to both private and public companies. Din Utvikling AS provides services to NAV – the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration, working primarily with job placement and relevant training for both adults and youth. Din Utvikling wants to facilitate and be part of a changing Norwegian labor market and work force by building bridges between individuals and organizations.


Since 2003, Credo Partners has developed businesses on​ demanding situations and established itself as the leading investment firm in Norway for value creation potential. Credo’s investment philosophy and value creation approach are tailored to the opportunities and challenges small and medium sized companies typically face. Credo works together with founders and family owners to realize the underlying potential in these businesses.

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