M&A Awards: Best Young Talent nominee Willem op de Hoek from IMAP

Why is Willem Best Young M&A Talent?

Willem is an all-rounder. He keeps overview and calm and does not hesitate to ask the question that lies under the question. As a result, he is quickly able to communicate complex matter clearly and clearly to his discussion partners. He has been tried and tested and has been active in M ​​& A since the start of his career in 2010. Willem has a professional, but at the right time critical, attitude and does not let himself go crazy in the hunted M & A world. With know-how, knowledge of the subject matter and a very active commitment, Willem shows that he is growing in his role. He seeks the breadth of his job and is in control. He can delegate well and is able to transfer his knowledge to the new generation. With his British sense of humor he is able to touch critical points on sensitive subjects without kicking his interlocutor against the sore leg. Willem takes his responsibility, has self-direction, can listen well and shows that he is a high potential.

What are Willem's specialties?

Willem has extensive multidisciplinary financial knowledge and is expert in applying this theoretical knowledge in practice. He is both analytical and pragmatic. He is a model builder. An excellent Excel king. His excellent communicative talents, empathic ability, together with his (professional) technical knowledge enable him to provide insight into bandwidths. This provides clients with clear insight into complex matters. Issues in unfamiliar contexts he dissects and he knows how to translate into understandable and applicable practice solutions. Unselfish cooperation and his ability to share make him a great colleague and a pleasant person. But above all, Willem is authentic.

Willem has been involved in more than a dozen deals since joining IMAP Netherlands.


What sets Willem apart from the other M&A professionals?

Willem is distinguished by his calm and tranquility and is averse to the competitive rat race. He is not focused on distinguishing himself for discernment, but he is fully focused on being good at what he does. And that is precisely what distinguishes him. No blah-blah but profound knowledge, enriching content and always calm. He excels in what he does. Do not settle for mediocrity and always take a step extra. He works smart, is ambitious but never takes too much hay on his fork so he has to say no. Willem does at least what he promises. Willem is financially very gifted and very solution-oriented. The human side of Willem is not unnoticed in his work environment either. Willem is very interested in the ups and downs of his colleagues and remembers details. In addition to his position as senior consultant, Willem also holds the official role of fun manager within IMAP. Work hard, play hard is our top priority. Fortunately, our core values ​​are within our corporate identity on the work floor and beyond. As a fun manager, Willem is responsible for organizing a fun budget a few times a year, which is separate from work but which is aimed at doing fun things together. That makes us more effective, more energetic and connects us. Willem fits this role like no other. Time after time he knows how to surprise everyone with "something fun".

In short: Willem has to win. We believe that - his colleagues. Willem is modest and just does his job, he says himself. That is why Willem must win. Vote! Vote! Vote!

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