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Deal Announcement - Business Services - Morgens

IMAP Netherlands is pleased to announce that Morgens, a renowned Dutch consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience serving public sector companies in Healthcare, Government, and Education, has become part of the Conclusion ecosystem.

Morgens, founded in 2001, is an expert in providing large-scale organizational change programs, digital transformations, data-driven consultancy, Lean Six Sigma, Agile & Scrum methods, and strategy development services to the Healthcare, Government and Education industries. The company works for clients such as hospitals, mental health care facilities (GGZ), municipalities, institutions in long-term care and public health, the criminal justice chain and MBO, HBO, and university educational institutions. It has approximately 65 experienced employees, complemented by a pool of more than 150 freelancers in order to meet the increasing demand for specific expertise and capabilities. Morgens strives to realize high impact and support its customers in realizing a better tomorrow.

Conclusion is an IT services provider with a focus on digital transformation and IT outsourcing, consisting of an ecosystem of over 25 companies. All companies operate individually but work closely together to offer an integrated service and fully unburden clients. The companies in the ecosystem have their own expertise which they combine to provide clients with domain- and technological expertise as well as flexibility. Conclusion focuses on midsized to large clients in the private sector as well as the (semi) public sector. The company is backed by the Dutch financial investor NPM Capital.

With Morgens joining the Conclusion ecosystem, Conclusion further solidifies its position in the public domain, and expands its knowledge of and expertise in the Healthcare, Government, and Education industries.

The Dutch management consultancy services market is highly fragmented. The increasing demand for digitalization, along with the third wave of digital business development, are the principal drivers of the IT consulting business. The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated the need for industries to embrace digital transformation, giving rise to strong transaction appetite from strategic buyers - as well as strategic players backed by financial investors - engaging in buy-and-build strategies, driving the M&A wave in the consultancy market.

The IMAP Netherlands team, led Guillaume Petit, Abel Spohr, and Steven Klaren, exclusively advised the shareholders of Morgens, supporting them in preparing, negotiating, and successfully closing the transaction to become part of the Conclusion ecosystem.

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