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Video Insights: 2024 M&A Trend Projections in Canada

In the latest installment of our Trends in Global M&A Video Series, Andrew Kemper, Partner at Capital West Partners – IMAP Canada looks at the shifting macroeconomy in Canada, which is causing mixed signals in terms of a potential recession or slight upwards turn in the economy.

He delves into why they expect there to be an increase in inbound interest from buyers and what they see as the key factors motivating buyers to sell:

  • Succession – An ageing population of owners with no family succession plan looking to monetize their investments and plan for the future
  • Private Equity – Actively looking for deals and significant dry powder available
  • Conservative leverage on transactions – Very minor changes in interest rates
  • Demand for good quality companies – Sufficient money available so valuations will remain high for these companies
  • Increased Focus on Innovation and Technology – Shift to develop these industries versus more traditional industries

Andrew Kemper


Capital West Partners - IMAP Canada

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