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Analysts and Associates Crucial Role in the M&A Process

Just recently, IMAP held its first Analyst & Associate Meeting since before the outbreak of COVID during which over 70 IMAP analysts and associates representing 19 different countries gathered in Rotterdam. Creating Value takes a look at the role IMAP’s analysts and associates play in M&A transactions and why the meeting is such an important event on the IMAP calendar.

Editor in Chief
IMAP Creating Value

IMAP launched what is now known as the Analyst & Associate (“A&A”) Meeting in 2016. Then called the Hamburger Club, its purpose was for the junior IMAP members to get to know each other better, create a tight group, and help each other on leads and mandates. Playing a crucial role in the M&A process, be it buy-side or sell-side, the analysts and associates provide crucial support to the team. Working hand-in-hand with the senior executives, they are involved from the preliminary stages right through to the finalization of the transaction performing a wide range of tasks including research, targeting companies, competition assessment, liaison, and due diligence.

The role demands a combination of specialized hard and soft skills, with strong interpersonal, relationship building, and communications skills essential during what can often be long and complicated M&A processes. Furthermore, with nearly a third of IMAP’s yearly deals closed now cross-border, fostering relationships with international counterparts is vital. With this in mind, and in its commitment to facilitate training, as well as retain key talent; understanding that M&A analysts and associates are critical to the company’s overall growth, the IMAP A&A Meeting was born and has been growing in size and importance ever since.

The meeting kick-offed with a meet & greet cocktail, followed by a welcome address by IMAP Chairman, Jurgis V. Oniunas, who was in attendance throughout the sessions. This year’s diverse program was divided into outward and inward- facing sessions, focusing on embedding the cultural aspects of IMAP’s strategic vision across all levels of the organization. Guest speakers Myrna Nakad and Gemma Hardy from Spark for Growth led a session devised to develop effective writing and communication skills, particularly compelling storytelling, following the Pyramid Principle. This was followed by internal sessions during which the attendees from around the world shared best practices and learnings from their own experiences during recent M&A transaction processes.

On the final day of the event, attendees participated in team building exercises, followed by a private boat tour through Rotterdam Harbor. Over the course of the days, attendees also got to discover and enjoy the great city of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam was IMAP’s largest gathering of analysts and associates to date. What’s more, it also had the most female participants ever; 13, hopefully demonstrating strides in the right direction in the ongoing challenge to bridge gender disparities from ground level up in an industry still significantly underrepresented by women.


IMAP Senior Consultant at IMAP Netherlands and one of this year’s A&A Meeting organizers

“During my first year as an analyst at IMAP I attended the first ever A&A Meeting, called the Hamburger Club at the time. The contacts and memories made that weekend still have great value even today. Six years later, I was delighted to be part of the event’s host team. The program has been organized by the analysts, for the analysts, which is extremely important. It’s great to see that it has grown from 20 participants back then, to 70 this year, which will strengthen the IMAP partnership and demonstrates just how important events like these are.


Analyst at Discover Management – IMAP Thailand

“As a person flying 5.728 miles from Bangkok to Rotterdam to attend my very first A&A Meeting, I can honestly say that this event was worth it on many levels. It has always been said that finance is a serious and male-dominated industry. I was feeling afraid at first but once I arrived, I got to see many friendly faces both men and women. The number of women analysts attending the event were more than I expected showing increasing opportunities for women entering the field. Meeting other analysts from all over the world helps me learn new perspectives and ways of working. Most importantly, our connections and memories have been built together through the very well-organized activities of IMAP.”

Senior Associate
IMAP Southeast Europe

“The A&A meetings are a unique opportunity to get to know our colleagues and gain a sense of cohesion within IMAP – which is especially important for new colleagues. It was a great pleasure meeting everyone in Rotterdam and the increasing number of women in IMAP is hopefully a sign of the industry evolving”

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