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All Organizations Have a Responsibility Towards the Community

Sustainability is at the core of our corporate philosophy at Alpen Capital – IMAP GCC.

We strongly believe that all organizations, regardless of their size, have a responsibility towards the community. It is extremely important to us to make a positive impact and we are committed to improving lives, communities, and the environment. Which is why we partner with various organizations such as Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) and Impact Investing Funds (IIFs), contributing towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and creating a socio-economic impact in emerging markets.

For many years we have been actively working towards making a difference to the community we live and work in and are proud of the impact that our projects and initiatives have made. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities focuses on four areas:

Marketplace – Social Impact Transactions

We advise institutions in emerging markets on debt and equity solutions, contributing to SDGs and we work with DFIs and IIFs that invest in sustainable businesses, creating socio-economic impact. These transactions provide momentum for spurring economic development, as well as addressing global challenges facing the international community, with a primary focus on Agribusiness: food and water, Empowerment of Women, and Financial Inclusion.

Our objectives:

  • Uphold ethical business practices
  • Engage stakeholders in promoting sustainability awareness
  • Partner with suppliers/vendors who comply with sustainable procurement policies

Two of our key Social Impact Transactions in 2023 were:

Workplace – Teamwork, Support & Empowerment

Our people are core to our business so valuing them, treating them fairly, and creating a workplace where employees can work enthusiastically and are motivated to contribute new thoughts and ideas, is important to us. Our goal is to foster an environment which promotes team spirit, open communication, and transparency and build one of the most respected employer brands in the region.

Our objectives:

  • Be an employer of choice
  • Create a sustainable lifestyle for employees
  • Promote an equal work culture devoid of discrimination and provide everyone with equal opportunities

At Alpen Capital – IMAP GCC we have worked hard to ensure we:

  • Foster a performance-based culture, rewarding and recognizing employees for their achievements
  • Engage employees by taking pride in our culture and work environment, bringing out the best in people
  • Commit to diversity and equal treatment as an equal opportunity employer
  • Provide development opportunities to employees as their knowledge, skills and attitudes are the cornerstone of our future success
  • Communicate openly, as this and transparency are the key to a successful organization
  • Invest in employee health and well-being and promote sustainable workplace practices and a safe workplace. Our initiatives also extend to the community

Community – Helping People Change Lives

We firmly believe in not only supporting the community, but also playing a role in its development. Our CSR framework incorporates community development into corporate life, encouraging employees to engage in community activities.

Our approach to funding mirrors our sustainable business model and culture of innovation and focuses on three key areas: Education, Health & Wellness, and Arts & Culture. We follow when selecting charity partners, adhering to our policy funding guidelines.

Our objectives:

  • Partner with local organizations engaged in community development
  • Engage employees in community development initiatives and volunteering
  • Promote and participate in government community initiatives
  • Support charitable activities and donations focused on youth and education

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Dubai office packs and distributes grooming kits to over 300 workers in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) annually
  • Employees regularly contribute to clothes donation drives
  • Yearly “Smiles n Stuff” Bazaar held at our Dubai office promoting items made by the children of the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs
  • Disaster relief – we partner with organizations such as UNICEF, as well as consulates and other local agencies to support their relief efforts
  • Youth development and education – supporting the next generation, we pledged support to Dubai Cares and partnered with them on their 1st campaign promoting education

Environment – There is no Planet B

Environmentally friendly business practices can reduce business risk, improve reputation, and drive market opportunities. By protecting our environment, we leave behind a sustainable future for the next generation. We have implemented various initiatives in relation to environmental conservation including:

  • Recycling: Partnering with local companies where possible, to introduce a sustainable management program, and provide education to ensure that waste is properly segregated and can be recycled
  • Using 100% Recycled Paper for all Publications: The paper we use comes with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
  • Sustainable Procurement: Our policy outlines minimum standard requirements all vendors and suppliers must adhere to before partnering with us
  • Environmental Conservation: We participate in local conservation initiatives including tree planting and beach cleanups
  • Awareness Campaigns: Yearly sustainability week for staff across our locations. We also observe a car-free day on the last Wednesday of every month

Our objectives:

  • Drive awareness of environmental conservation and encourage employee involvement
  • Promote sustainable waste management, recycling, and lowering carbon footprint
  • Participate in and promote related government initiatives

Rohit Walia
Executive Chairman & CEO
Alpen Capital - IMAP GCC

Sameena Ahmad
Managing Director
Alpen Capital - IMAP GCC

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