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Acquires market-leading niche companies in the Nordic life science industry
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Somna AB
Develops and manufactures weighted blankets for people with cognitive challenges
Advised on Sale of Company

MedCap has, through their portfolio company Abilia, acquired Somna, a manufacturer of weighted blankets

Abilia acquires Somna AB, one of the leading suppliers of medically approved weighted blankets targeting the prescriber market. Through this acquisition Abilia broadens its strong portfolio of assistive tools for people with cognitive challenges and disabilities. This group often has neuropsychiatric disabilities such as autism, ADHD and dementia.


Somna has for more than 10 years been developing and manufacturing weighted blankets and is renowned for its assistive device The Somna® Blanket. The blanket is manufactured in Sweden, is fire retardant, developed based on scientific studies and the theory of Sensory Integration (SI) about the calming effects of weight and pressure. The Somna® Blanket is an assistive device which has been prescribed for almost ten years within the healthcare sector. The Somna® Blanket is the only weighted blanket approved as an aids tool and is to be prescribed by a Speciality Doctor.


”A large part of our users often experiences stress and anxiety. Somna’s portfolio has a great fit to our existing offering. The weighted products of Somna are medically approved, high quality and have a proven effect based on scientific studies. This is all in line with Abilia’s requirements on quality, research and evidence”, says Tove Christiansson, CEO of Abilia.


Anette Laurell, CEO of Somna AB, is very pleased with Abilia as the new owner of Somna.

”Abilia is a well-established company with a greater presence on the Swedish market and has a strong position in Norway as well.  Thanks to Abilia the Somna® Blanket and other weighted products will be accessible to more users”, says Anette Laurell. 


Abilia is the market leader within cognitive aids and has developed assistive technology and tools during the last 40 years. Our products give people with special needs the chance to increased independence, to participate in society and thereby live more fulfilling lives. Our aids have been developed in close cooperation with scientists, industry experts and users.


For more than 10 years, Somna has been developing and manufacturing weighted products based on scientific studies and the theory of Sensory Integration (SI) about the calming effects of weight and pressure.


“We are looking forward to broadening our offering of cognitive aids to existing customers. There is a great opportunity to offer weighted products to the Norwegian market and to the international market outside Scandinavia. There are also possibilities to continue to develop Somna’s products so that we can help more of our users”, says Tove Christiansson.


Abilia is present in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and exports to more than 20 countries. The turnover of Abilia amounts to more than SEK 200 million. The company is owned by MedCap, a Nordic investor that focuses on established Life Science companies with significant development potential. During the fiscal year 1 January – 31 December 2018, the MedCap group exhibited annual net sales of SEK 709 million and EBITDA of SEK 78 million, and had more than 270 employees. The group is listed on the Small Cap list of Nasdaq Stockholm.


IMAP advised the sellers throughout the process.


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