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IMAP UK Circular Economy Sector Report Q4 2023

Unstoppable & Accelerating

The circular economy is not just about better use of material and energy resources. It is being seen as a fundamental change in the way we find practical solutions to irreversible risks to our environment whilst spreading a decent standard of living as far and wide as possible. 

Our research has shown that as more consumers and investors have become concerned with environmental issues, more companies are starting to be creative and embrace the circular economy in their core mission and strategy, especially if a competitor has moved.   

Indeed, we believe this is an unstoppable and accelerating trend with legislative support coming recently passed bills such as the “Fair Repair Act” in New York and California.  

This is reflected in nearly 100 M&A deals in the UK in the past 12 months (see table on page 12 in the report) in clean tech, environmental consulting, recycling and other areas that we believe form part of the Circular Economy.   

M&A activity in UK listed companies suggests that EBITDA multiples for circular economy companies have jumped 27% in the past year.   

Also included in this report: 

  • Defining and measuring a circular economy 
  • Greenwashing and challenges in quantifying a circular economy
  • Circular economy for manufactured goods and consumables 
  • Circular economy-related M&A Deals 

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