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We help our clients to achieve their goals. We exist to support the business lifecycle and business evolution of our clients.  WE PROVIDE:

Sell-side advisory
We invest time in understanding your goals to craft the most effective plan for your sale, succession, or divestitures. A headache-free process. The perfect fit buyer. The optimal deal.
Buy-side advisory
Strategically creative expansion and growth advice. Identify and acquire the ideal target, at the best price, with a seamless transition. Benefit from our privileged access to sellers and industry specialists across the world.
Debt & Equity Capital Advisory
The range of options for raising capital and equity is vast, complex, and ever-changing. IMAP experts have the contacts and deep knowledge to turn liquidity and refinancing challenges into long-term strategic success.
Corporate Finance advisory
We complement our M&A management with corporate finance services, from pre-sale preparation to post-merger integration, to consulting on strategy, valuation and restructuring. For a 360º approach to consistent growth.
A growing and dynamic global partnership

Our value stems from the global team's flexibility and ability to come together as one and deliver the best solutions.
Our business is your business growth.

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Middle-market M&A is a world of opportunity, and with that comes a sea of options and moving parts.

Your advisor is the compass.

Contact us for a no-commitment consultation with an M&A specialist, who’ll listen carefully to your concerns and give an honest, unbiased assessment on the best way forward.

Our business is your business growth
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