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Alpen Capital - IMAP GCC Celebrates Two Decades of its 20th Global Fusion Concert in Dubai

On January 21, 2024, Alpen Capital - IMAP GCC and Alpen Asset Advisors hosted the 20th edition of their acclaimed Global Fusion Concert in Dubai. The event, attended by 330+ guests is as a testament to Alpen-Capital’s commitment to foster connections, support music, and enrich their community.

The concert showcases musical and dance artistry from around the world and taking centre stage at this year’s event was two-time Grammy-winner South African flautist, Virtuoso Wouter Kellerman. He was accompanied by a stellar ensemble of global talents traversing multiple dimensions of world music, including:

  • Bharatnatyam soloist, Rukmini Vijayakumar
  • Grammy-nominated sitarist Ravi Chary
  • Mukul Dongre on Western drums
  • Tri Nguyen on Vietnamese Zither
  • Luke van der Merwe on guitar
  • Wessel van Rensburg on keyboards
  • Upula Madusanka on bass

Like previous years, the concert not only showcased internationally acclaimed artists but also provided a platform for local talent, featuring Emirati artist Saif Al Ali on the oud. The diverse ensemble united under the theme of "Harmony in Diversity," symbolizing music's power to transcend geographical and cultural divides.

Rohit Walia, Executive Chairman and CEO, Alpen Capital commented: “This milestone not only marks the 20th edition of the Global Fusion concert but also two decades of Alpen Capital's resilience through ups and downs of the economic landscape. The show must go on.”

Also speaking on the occasion, chief guest, Sheikha Amal Bahwan, Vice Chairperson of the Suhail Bahwan Group Holding said, “The Global Fusion concert is the perfect embodiment of the harmony that can be achieved when people from different cultures and experiences come together, whether it is at a concert or in a business, and it symbolizes the spirit of cooperation that plays a key role in the success of any business”.

Alpen Capital commenced operations in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in 2005, and since then, it has developed a robust regional footprint, collaborating closely with prominent business conglomerates across the GCC, South Asia, Levant, and Africa.

Rohit Walia
Executive Chairman & CEO
Alpen Capital - IMAP GCC

Sameena Ahmada
Managing Director
Alpen Capital - IMAP GCC

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