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IMAP Netherlands advises Royal Vopak on the sale of maritime service provider Vopak Agencies to Wilhelmsen Port Services

Vopak Agencies, one of the world’s leading maritime service providers, has been acquired by Wilhelmsen Port Services

IMAP Netherlands is pleased to announce that Vopak Agencies, one of the world’s leading maritime service providers, has been acquired by Wilhelmsen Port Services.

Vopak Agencies provides port agency services to the tanker segments in Europe. The company has also been offering hub services globally for over 40 years. Vopak Agencies operates a global network of port agents, strategically positioned along major trade routes. As part of the transaction, Wilhelmsen Port Services also acquired 50% of the shares of software company Diize, which offers smart digital solutions for the port call process of a vessel.

Founded in 1861, Wilhelmsen is a global maritime services group offering a wide range of services and products to merchant fleets. Wilhelmsen Port Services is a leading ships agency and maritime logistics provider, delivering port calls across 2,200 ports globally. Due to their extensive experience in this domain, Wilhelmsen Port Services facilitates increased efficiency within the port value chain.

By acquiring Vopak Agencies, Wilhelmsen Port Services gives substance to their ambitious growth strategy and expansion of their service offering to the port value chain. Vopak Agencies and Diize will add substantial knowledge and experience to Wilhelmsen Port Services and its clients.

Wilhelmsen Port Services has expressed a strong willingness to be a leading local port partner in its markets. In that respect, Vopak Agencies fits very well due to their unrivalled local knowledge and experience in Northwest Europe.
Royal Vopak is the leading independent tank terminal operator in the world, specialized in the storage and handling of liquid and gaseous chemical and oil products. Royal Vopak is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

The IMAP Netherlands team, led by Guillaume Petit, Remco van Gulijk and Jeroen van Mil, exclusively advised Royal Vopak in preparing, marketing, negotiating and successfully closing the transaction.

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