Advised on Sale of Company


NSK zpracovani plastu s.r.o.

SPV established by two private investors Czechia

Acquired 100% of Business Operations


Plastics injection moulding for automotive Czechia

ADIS Tachov Acquired 100% of NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK.

Plastic injection moulding company ADIS Tachovacquired 100% of the shares of NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK – CZ, a plastic injection moulding company.


Both companies are based in the Czech Republic, the former in Tachov, the latter in Podborany, and its customers are primarily from the automotive industry. The acquisition will help ADIS Tachov to strengthen its core business and expand its products offering, manufacturing capacities and customer base.


IMAP advised NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK on the sale.

Experts who worked on the transaction