Advised on Sale of Company


Private Individuals

SPV established by MBI investors Hungary

Acquired 100% of Business Operations

Schneider Kft.

Crane system manufacturer Hungary

Advised fixed crane services comany Schneider on its sale to a group of private investors

In December 2021, the sale of 100% of Schneider Kft.'s business to a group of Hungarian private investors was successfully completed.


Schneider Kft. has been involved in the production and maintenance of fixed cranes since 1991: it provides its customers with a wide range of overhead cranes, rotary cranes, overhead cranes, and chain hoists and parts. In the past 30 years, the company group has grown into one of the leading companies in the regional market in its industry, in addition to the local activities of its Romanian subsidiary, it is also active in other European countries, so it is a recurring player in, for example, the Bulgarian, Russian, German or Swiss markets.


Prior to the transaction, the company group was owned by the founding Austrian and Hungarian private individuals, their business shares were sold to a group of Hungarian private investors.