Advised on Purchase of Company


Covalon Technologies Ltd.

Researches, develops & commercializes new healthcare tech Canada

Acquired 100% of Business Operations


Specializes in infection protection products United States of America

Advised Covalon Technologies Ltd on its acquisition of AquaGuard

Advised Covalon Technologies Ltd. on its acquisition of AquaGuard for USD $12.4 million. The acquisition combines Covalon’s rich technology portfolio with AquaGuard’s excellent products and specialized salesforce, who will provide selling capabilities for and access to, the United States healthcare market; the largest healthcare market in the world.


Covalon researches, develops and commercializes new healthcare technologies that help save lives around the world. AquaGuard is a medical technology business that specializes in infection protection products that protect surgical incisions, IV sites, catheters, PICC lines, and other dressings from water and other moisture while a patient showers.


Future opportunities for Covalon lie in additional medical device technology companies; providing bolt-on opportunities in the infection control and management, surgical, vascular access and wound care markets.