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CAF (Construcción y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles)

Global leader in railway industry Spain

Acquired Investment Interest in Seller's Business

Orbital Sistemas Aerospaciales, S.L.

Critical services engineering for aircraft and railway Spain

Advised CAF on its acquisition of Orbital Sistemas Aerospaciales, S.L.

Advised CAF (Construcción y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A.), a global leader in railway industry (market cap 1.4B€), on its acquisition of a stake in the Navarre company, ORBITAL Sistemas Aeroespaciales, S.L.


By acquiring a stake in ORBITAL, the Guipuzcoa-based multinational enters the aeroespace niche in the critical systems engineering sector, complementing its previous activity in the railway sector.




CAF is a global leader in the railway industry, offering one of the most comprehensive array of products in railway related markets, such as rolling stock, components, infrastructure, signaling and services (maintenance, refurbishing and financial services).


The Company employs more than 8.000 people around the world, having achieved a total turnover of 1.477 M€ in 2017 and is listed in the Spanish Stock Exchange, where its market cap is currently around 1,4 B€.




Orbital is a Company based in Pamplona that delivers to its clients different services in critical systems engineering in the areas of aircraft, aerospace and railway industries.


The Company total turnover was over €5 miilion in 2017 and employs circa 100 people in its premises in Pamplona, Madrid and Ulm (Germany).

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