Advised on sale of majority share



Industrial holding company Netherlands

Acquired Majority Control of Business Operations

NOE-Schaltechnik Georg Meyer-Keller GmbH + Co. KG

Provider of concrete formwork technology Germany

Advised NOE-Schaltechnik on the sale of a majority stake to NIMBUS

NOE-Schaltechnik Georg Meyer-Keller GmbH + Co. KG ("NOE") has expanded its group of shareholders by the Dutch industrial holding company NIMBUS as part of a capital increase. Founded in 1957, the family-owned company with headquarters in Süssen, Germany, is a leading supplier of concrete formwork technology. With the support of NIMBUS, NOE will further invest in the promising business of renting concrete formwork technology within the future.

NOE-Schaltechnik Georg Meyer-Keller GmbH + Co. KG , Süssen, Germany

NOE ranks among the largest German suppliers of concrete formwork technology and textured formliners for forming and profiling concrete surfaces. NOE currently employs around 230 people and expects a turnover of approximately €50 million in 2017. Apart from its core market Germany, the company is present in Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Poland.

NIMBUS, Zeist, The Netherlands

NIMBUS, an industrial holding company founded in the Netherlands in 1999, has around 30 portfolio companies in Germany and the Netherlands. The holding company focuses on companies from the manufacturing industry, already being involved in several traditional companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg.


IMAP initiated the transaction on behalf of the shareholders of NOE and handled it in all its phases.