Advised on Sale of Company


Outerwall Inc.

Provides automated retail solutions via kiosks United States of America

Acquired 100% of Business Operations

ecoATM Inc.

Automated self service kiosks for mobile devices United States of America

Advised ecoATM on its sale to Outerwall

Advised ecoATM, an automated self service kiosk for mobile devices, on its sale to Outerwall, a company providing automated retail solutions via kiosks. ecoATM is the first company to create an automated self-serve kiosk system to purchase used mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players for cash. The kiosks use patented, advanced machine vision, electronic diagnostics and artificial intelligence to evaluate electronics. ecoATM's eCycling stations provide a convenient trade-in solution that connects consumers real-time to broad worldwide secondary markets for the best possible pricing.


ecoATM will benefit from Outerwall's resources and expertise to accelerate ecoATM's rollout and bring innovative solutions to consumers nationwide.


“ecoATM has pioneered kiosk-based electronics device recycling and the diagnostic systems and e-commerce software platform they have developed is game changing,” said David Michaels, Capstone Managing Director and Head of Technology & Telecom. “Outerwall is ideally positioned to leverage its unique expertise operating kiosk-based businesses to accelerate the growth and maximize the profitability of ecoATM.”