Elias Martinez

Elias joined ALBIA CAPITAL PARTNERS (IMAP Spain) in 2007 as a Partner. Over the last 20 years, he has occupied executive posts in various companies in the Industrial sector. He joined TALDE in 1996, a venture capital company, where he was in charge of general management for 8 years until he joined ALBIA CAPITAL PARTNERS. 

Elias has taken part in over 100 transactions and has extensive experience in company sales operations, as a Director in family businesses and SMEs from varying sectors (Transport, Automobile, ICTs, Communications and Marketing, Leisure and Health, amongst others) and in managing venture capital entities and affiliated company portfolios.

He is a regular Speaker at renowned institutions on aspects related to company sales, corporate governance, investment management, venture capital and family businesses.

Elias is a Graduate in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of the Basque Country and Post graduate in General Business Management from the International Business Institute -INSIDE- of the University of Deusto. He is also a Member of the Official Register of Account Auditors of the Ministry of Economics and Tax and of the Institute of Board Members and Administrators (ICA).