Deal Announcement - Industrials - LISI

IMAP is pleased to announce that Degroof Petercam acted as sole financial advisor to LISI on its Share Repurchase Tender Offer and capital reorganization.

LISI is a global industrial group specializing in the manufacture of assembly solutions and high value-added components for the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. LISI has achieved sales of €1.42 billion in 2022 and employs over 9,600 people in 13 countries on 4 continents.

The proposed Share Repurchase Tender Offer covered a maximum of 7,576,004 shares (c. 14% of capital) at a price of €27.0 per share (ex-dividend), which represents an amount of c. €205 million. Degroof Petercam also acted as presenting bank for the offer.

Peugeot Invest, which held 5.1% of LISI's capital, has contributed its entire stake in LISI to the proposed Share Repurchase Tender Offer. CID and VMC, which respectively held 54.8% and 5.8% of LISI's capital, did not contribute their shares.

Following completion of the proposed Share Repurchase Tender Offer, CID would propose to its own shareholders a capital reduction through the repurchase of its own shares covering a maximum percentage of 41.8% of its capital, in exchange mainly for LISI shares held by CID, as well as a limited amount of cash. This would enable CID shareholders - other than its controlling shareholders, CIKO and VMC - to sell up to their entire stake in CID. Peugeot Invest has undertaken to contribute its entire 25.4% stake in CID to this buyback operation.

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