What’s on the Agenda at a Typical IMAP M&A Conference?

It’s a very good question, however, there is no one-size-fits-all as while there are some staple elements, every conference is unique. Furthermore, though M&A is obviously high on the agenda, that is clearly not the only reason our teams travel thousands of miles around the globe to meet twice a year.

IMAP conferences unite people, culture, and ideas.

They foster collaboration, team building, and long-lasting relationships.

They enable us to harness best practices by sharing experience, expertise, and knowledge gained from closing thousands of successful transactions for our clients.

They ensure we continuously learn, evolve, and innovate by leaning on the best experts in the field, both internally and externally.

They allow us the opportunity to embrace art, culture, music, solidarity, and personal well-being – things that are not always top of mind in the investment banking world.

So, what was on the agenda at IMAP’s recent three-day Fall 2023 Conference in Stockholm?

The long answer… As well celebrating our 50th anniversary, over 120 IMAP colleagues representing 34 countries joined together for: IMAP Executive Board strategy meetings, partner bi-laterals, sharing best practices, external guest speakers, a coaching and leadership skill session, special contribution awards, client success stories, geopolitical insights, an innovation and Big Data panel, PE & M&A innovative business integration models, welcoming of new IMAP partners, new market opportunities, lead generation initiative, content development… topped off with a private museum tour and gala dinner at the spectacular Vasa Museum.

The short answer - is nicely summed up in this brief video and conference recap.

Thank you again to our hosts IMAP Sweden and all our IMAP colleagues who made this a truly memorable event!


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