PROAUT Technology GmbH

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PROAUT Technology GmbH
Specialist in process automation solutions in microelectronics and semiconductor technology
has been acquired by
Photonics Systems Holding GmbH
Manufacturer of customized machines and processing systems for high-precision laser applications
Advised on Sale of Company

IMAP advised the shareholder of PROAUT Technology on the sale to Photonics Systems Group, a portfolio company of CGS Management

IMAP advised Mutec Technologie GmbH, the shareholder of PROAUT Technology GmbH, on the sale of the company to Photonics Systems Group and solves the succession for the founder, Mr. Helmut Muchow. Photonics Systems Group, a portfolio company of the Swiss financial investor CGS Management, intends to accelerate PROAUT's growth opportunities in the coming years and to exploit synergies in sales, service, and technology to strengthen its own market presence in the semiconductor sector.


PROAUT TECHNOLOGY GmbH, located in the Berlin-Wulheide Innovation Park, was founded more than 15 years ago and specializes in the development and assembly of machines and automation solutions for the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. In addition to the most important product group ─ precision measuring machines for high-speed handling and testing of electronic components in the micro (µ) range on wafers and panels ─ the product portfolio also includes microfon testers, pressure sensor testers, tapers, and laser markers. In its main application area of the machines, the testing of RF filters (SAW and BAW), PROAUT has established itself over the last decades as an important machine supplier for Qualcomm, the world market leader for mobile data communication. Consequently, PROAUT benefits from the increasing importance of wireless chip technology in the course of the rollout of 5G and 6G technology and the growing importance of IoT.

Photonics Systems Holding GmbH, Kralling, Germany 

The Photonics Systems Group is the market leader in laser systems for micromaterial processing. The group consisting of the companies InnoLas Solutions and L-TRIS develops, produces, and distributes high-precision system and process solutions for customer-specific laser applications in the photovoltaic, electronics, and semiconductor industries. The systems are used by well-known, globally operating customers in the core markets of Europe, the USA, and Asia.

The IMAP team exclusively advised Mutec Technologie GmbH during the entire structured M&A process.







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