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Deal Announcement - Business Services - Stangby Plantskola

IMAP has acted as financial advisor to Stångby Plantskola (“Stångby”) on its acquisition by MVI which will form the base of a larger plant nursery group that MVI is building.

Stångby was founded in 1978 and is a market leading plant nursery in the Swedish B2B-market for plant material. The Company is well-renowned with a first-in-class reputation and an extensive assortment of trees and plants. It has approximately 50 employees and operates nurseries outside of Lund, Sweden, with effective logistics facilities in the Stockholm region.  

Through Stångby, PE firm MVI has carried out two additional acquisitions. The first with HPJ Garden, a high-quality supplier of products within the horticultural and garden industry and the second whereby MVI joined forces with P. Kortegaards Planteskole, the premium Danish B2B-market leader for trees and bushes. The group will come together under the name Treeco Holding having achieved sufficient size to attain industry leadership in the Nordics.

The new group will have roughly 80 employees at several locations throughout Sweden and Denmark. It will be able to supply clients across a variety of industries with organic infrastructure products and services for green urbanization and is expected to have a yearly turnover in excess of €18 million.

The Nordic market for organic plant material has displayed healthy growth in recent years and is expected to continue growing. Underlying market trends include municipalities’ increased ambitions for green urbanization to improve citizen well-being, the provision of natural barriers for flooding and heat waves, as well as to capture GHG emissions.

The team from IMAP Sweden advised Stångby throughout the entire sale process.

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