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Video Insights: 2024 M&A Trend Projections in Brazil

In the latest installment of our Trends in Global M&A Video Series, Tom Waslander, Managing Partner at Brasilpar – IMAP Brazil looks at Brazil’s current economic situation following the election of a new left-wing government and the countries growth perspectives for 2024, which are looking positive.

Taking a deep dive into Brazil’s M&A landscape, he pinpoints the key industries expected to see the highest levels of activity this year: Consumer, Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Education.

He also looks at the key factors driving M&A activity:

  • Succession – Large population of ageing owners with no family members to take over the business
  • Indebted companies– High number of companies still feeling the aftermath of COVID will create a significant market for distressed M&A
  • Private Equity – PE has been a dominant force for last 15-20 years in Brazil – and both domestic and large global players are present in the market
  • Interest rates – Unlike in other economies, the interest rate in Brazil is falling. Company values are increasing as discount rates on deals go down, making it more attractive for owners to sell

Tom Waslander

Managing Partner

Brasilpar - IMAP Brazil

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